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Spice Village is a UK based sports events management company with lots of experience and knowledge in duathlon, cycling events, triathlon and all other international level events. Spice Village sports events manager helps you bring your unique ideas to life and brings different kinds of sporting events to individuals of all levels. Our dedicated event planner delivers an astounding experience for all contenders. Our passion to every detail means all our events are run with the participant and spectators in mind. Trust Spice Village to give a competitive experience so you achieve the best.

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  • Fabulous meal we had here. The fish masla and taraka dal was awesome. Love to come back again here.

  • Excellent service well done. Very nice food aswell. The food was great and very good. Great hygiene. Thank you.

  • Great service and awesome food!! The best Gajar Halwa in London!!!! Rafi explained the dishes well......

Food Standard Agency UK


Spice Village maintains the highest standards of food hygiene and is regularly tested by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). Our cleanliness has been admired by our valuable customers many times.

HMC Certfied Halal Meat

HMC Certified

Spice Village prides itself to be one of the very few HMC certified Indian restaurants in England. We make sure that our customers eat the best Halal meat hence we go that extra mile to get HMC certification. Be rest assured that you are only eating 100% Halal meat when you come to Spice Village.